Saturday, December 5, 2009

Making the most of a Saturday morning

"Mom, can I turn on the TV?"


"Why not?"

"Because it's a beautiful morning and we don't need to turn the TV on."

"It's practically freezing out there! How is it a beautiful morning?"

"It's below freezing out there; it's 22 degrees."

"So, how is that a beautiful morning?"

"It's beautiful for two, maybe four reasons.....hold on a minute while I think about this."

1. The TV isn't on.
2. From my chair I see a kitchen and living room that aren't disasterously messy.
3. My Boy is sitting on the love seat, reading a book.
4. I'm reading a true love story written by a smart, funny lady.
5. There's a cat warming my legs.
6. The TV isn't on.

So there.

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